Thursday, January 6, 2011

the new year.. 2011

it has taken me awhile now to think of a resolution.  of course there is running more, but i want to do that anyways so i don’t think that counts. 

so i came up with… be better mommy and do more fun stuff with Jackson.

he’s growing so fast it’s unbelievable and I want him to have as much fun as possible.  so to achieve my resolution, we will have a schedule (go figure i would do that) of super fun things that we need to do everyday.  i am thinking each day will be start with breakfast, then something outdoors.  running or walking, learning to ride his bike, or digging in the dirt.  after that we will come in a do something artistic and learning-related like painting, drawing, gluing, etc.

after that is lunch and then naps.  once he wakes up it usually late afternoon, but there is still time to go into town.  we can get shopping done or stop by the park before its too late. 

i think we will have fun!!! so now i just need to do it….

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  1. Lori, you already are an awesome mommy <3 give yourself a little more credit. But im glad you wanna do EVEN MORE stuff with little Jack!